There’s value in the Scrum Values


Scrum is not a methodology. Scrum is a process, but of a non-repeatable kind. Scrum is a framework of rules, roles and principles. The framework helps people and organizations discover what works best for them. Their real process emerges, and is specific and fitting to their time and context. Scrum can wrap existing product development practices or render them superfluous. The benefits of Scrum are greater when complemented by improved or revised engineering, product management, people and organizational practices. The prescriptions of Scrum have been limited to the essence. Every element of Scrum has a goal. Changing the core design of Scrum, leaving out elements, not playing the game by its base rules, covers up problems and limits the benefit of Scrum and any additions on Scrum, up to the level of making it utterly useless.

Less known than the process of Scrum and probably under-highlighted, but therefore not less…

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Evolution of the Jetpack Logo: Behind the Scenes with Dave Whitley

Jetpack for WordPress

Early in 2014, we felt that Jetpack needed a new identity. The Jetpack team is continuously developing new features and it’s one of our top priorities for the future of WordPress. We knew that a strong brand would help evolve Jetpack into a better product.

The original logo was conceived in 2011, right before Jetpack’s launch at SXSW. Since then, Jetpack has become a top three plugin and a major part of the WordPress ecosystem. Millions of WordPress sites rely on Jetpack’s features. This is the next chapter for Jetpack, and the new brand will serve as a strong foundation for its future.

Initially, we explored literal jetpack imagery because of the strong brand equity of the previous logo.

Early jetpack sketches Early jetpack sketches

We also explored several other literal concepts, but we felt we needed something more emblematic that could stand on its own. The new logo’s basis came from simply constructed geometric shapes…

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